Wedding Planning for Real People

Are you do it yourself wedding planning? Is researching how to plan your own wedding a bit overwhelming? You've come to the right place. Let me show you how planning an inexpensive wedding can be much easier than you thought possible.

You really can plan your wedding for less than the cost of a newish car, or the down payment on a house.

In the wake of the New Economy, spending your entire savings, your family's savings and racking up credit card debt to throw a wedding bash is just not realistic.

But don't worry, you won't have to hold your wedding reception in a musty basement and serve cheese doodles and a variety of pasta casseroles to your guests. There's a better way...

Each year 2.2 million couples in the US get married and, according to statistics, more than half do it all wrong – debt, crisis, and regrets.

The sad truth is many couples don't actually wedding plan, they buy products and services on a pre-formatted checklist from a magazine or book and move on.

That's not really wedding planning, and it's a fine way to waste a lot of money.

That won’t be you. Follow the steps for planning a wedding outlined on this site and you will be fine.

this couple is happy because they didn't waste money while wedding planning

Cliff Notes are awesome, so here's the gist of this entire plan-a-beautiful-wedding-for-less website:

The New Weddings are a bit smaller, more thoughtful and more personal. And, in my opinion,more enjoyable for everyone.

This site came out of the disconnect I noticed between the reality of the wonderful weddings I help out with and the expensive celebrations magazines, books and television are telling you to plan.

Originally a carefully researched book on planning an inexpensive wedding -- hundreds of brides and wedding vendors were polled and interviewed, months were spent writing and editing -- I hope you find this website helpful as you plan your wedding day.