Five Ideas for Cheap Beach Weddings:
Budget Tips for Beach Theme Weddings

If you are on a tight budget and planning a beach wedding, let me assure you that cheap beach weddings can still be beautiful, quality events.

Make money saving choices early in the wedding planning process and personalize your ceremony and reception with thoughtful touches that will make the day memorable for everyone.

Tip 1 - Timing
Choose a wedding date during the off season, when rates are generally lower. Beach resorts usually offer discounts to keep business coming in and real bargains can be found. To figure out the seasons for your chosen location, check the rate schedules for beach house rental management companies in the area, most post rates for their properties online.

Be sure to check the average daily temperature for possible wedding dates in off season and get wedding insurance if your wedding date falls during hurricane season.

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A simple ceremony one the beach is a money saver for cheap beach weddings

Tip 2 - Venue locations
One way to save money on your beach theme wedding is to plan a simple, short wedding ceremony on the beach without special decorations or rental chairs. Your guests will gather around as you say your vows and then walk to the reception location while the wedding party takes photos. You may also consider holding the ceremony at the reception location near the water and walking to the beach with the photographer for photos.

Another way to save money is to find a reception venue a block or two off the beach (just have a beach ceremony). Waterfront locations are usually more expensive.

If you are having a small wedding, consider holding the reception in a rented vacation beach house. Beautiful beach front homes often rent very cheap during the off season. Just check the contract carefully for any parking or party restrictions. Also check waterfront state and city parks in your chosen beach wedding locations. Some parks have meeting rooms that are inexpensive to rent.

A sundress dress is appropriate for casual cheap beach weddings

Tip 3 - Plan a casual wedding
Wedding truth: the more formal the event, the more expensive. Beach theme weddings are perfect when planning a budget event as guests' expectations are much more relaxed. A day at the beach and a barbeque is a fun and inexpensive beach theme wedding idea. An informal or casual wedding does not mean sloppy wedding attire. In wedding speak, "informal" is cocktail attire and "casual" attire is a nice sundress. Perfect wedding dresses for cheap beach weddings can be found at local specialty or department stores and designer discount stores. Summer dresses are marked down starting in July and evening gowns can be found at deep discounts after the new year.

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clam chowder is appropriate wedding food for cheap beach weddings

Tip 4 - Keep the food simple and local
There is the expectation with beach theme weddings that seafood will be served. Some seafood is very expensive, so the trick is adding seasonal seafood to the wedding reception menu without breaking the bank. The local seafood market, or your wedding caterer, can help you find inexpensive seafood choices for your wedding food (differs by region). A few cheap wedding reception menu ideas include a chowder bar, fish and chips and grilled kabobs. Also offer chicken options for those who don"t eat seafood.

You can also save money by DIY-ing side dishes or asking friends and family with cooking skills to make food (this can be their wedding gift). Remember, people eat with their eyes as mush as taste. Simple, fresh, well presented wedding reception food will always be a hit.

A string of white paper lanterns are nice decorations for cheap beach weddings

Tip 5 - Take on a few DIY Projects
For cheap beach weddings, wedding programs, beach theme wedding decorations and favors are all great DIY projects. Everything from paper flowers to leis, candles and more are inexpensive to make by hand. Enlist the help of crafty friends. If you are planning a simple ceremony on the beach, print small wedding programs on your home computer or skip the programs altogether, no one will miss them. Decorations for cheap beach weddings will depend on your venue space. Some venues need few decorations. Borrow or bulk purchase strings of white lights or paper lanterns and buy shells and candles at dollar stores for centerpieces. Keep it simple. Money is often better spent on good lighting over decorations. For wedding favors, DIY molded chocolate seashells or bake cookies. You can also bulk purchase a local treat like salt water taffy or fudge and give out beach toys to the children. With some creativity, careful planning and thoughtful personal touches cheap beach weddings can be wonderful events.

Beach Wedding Decorations

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