Sample Wedding Itinerary: Make Your Wedding Day Timeline / Schedule

Here's a sample wedding itinerary -- also called a wedding day timeline or wedding day schedule -- for you to use as a template when you make your own itinerary.

The following schedule is for a 6 pm wedding. Adjust your own wedding timeline accordingly. Make sure you put arrival and departure times for everyone, including vendors, into your timeline. Also time how long it takes to get from one location to another and adjust when you rewrite the sample wedding itinerary. For safety, pad the time it takes to travel and to finish tasks like hair, photos and decorating. Note: This is not a wedding planning timeline for the months leading up to the wedding day.

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Sample Wedding Itinerary:

1:00pm  Bride and bridesmaids arrive at salon for hair and make-up
2:00pm  Caterer arrives at reception venue
2:30pm  Bride and attendants finish at salon, leave for church
3:00pm  Bride and attendants arrive at church to get ready
                      Lighting tech arrives at reception venue and sets up
3:15pm Photographer arrives at church, photographs bride and attendants                                        getting ready
3:30pm Wedding cake is delivered to reception venue   
                      Flowers arrive at reception venue
3:45pm Lucy and Kate arrive at venue to set up centerpieces and decorate
4:00pm Personal flowers (bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres) arrive at church                                      Groom and groomsmen arrive at church
4:15pm Photos of groom, groomsmen getting ready
4:20pm Venue staff moves furniture into reception area, Lucy and Kate set up                                   lounge seating area near bar
4:30pm Band arrives to set up at reception venue
5:30pm First guest arrives at church
6:00pm Ceremony begins
6:30pm Ceremony ends
6:45pm Signing the wedding license, photos with officiant, photos of bride and                              groom, group photos of entire wedding party
                      First guests arrive at reception venue for cocktail hour
7:00pm  Transportation arrives at the church
7:15pm Move outside to garden behind church for photos with bride and groom
7:30pm Bridal party leaves for the venue
                      Lighting tech tweaks lights in reception venue
7:45pm Bridal party arrives at reception
7:50pm Guests are asked to move to the reception room
8:00pm Bridal party enters the reception (or are announced)
8:05pm First dance as newlyweds, followed by a very short dance set
8:15pm Toasts
8:20pm Buffet dinner
9:10pm Father Daughter dance, groom dances with mother, followed by a short                            dance set
9:40pm The cake cutting ceremony, followed by dancing
9:55pm The bouquet toss, followed by the garter toss, then more dancing
10:30pm Music winds down, bars start to close
11:00pm Reception ends, guests gather out front for the send off
11:10pm Newlyweds leave the reception
11:20pm - Newlyweds arrive at wedding night hotel

  • Your wedding day timeline will not look like anyone else's, or have the exact same timing.
  • Work with your vendor on the timing for dinner (especially sit down dinners, which take more time), dancing, and traditional events like the cutting of the cake.
  • No two bride's will have the same wedding day schedule. Copy and paste the above sample wedding itinerary into a text document and adjust it to suit yourself.
  • Don’t forget to give your wedding day itinerary /timeline to all your vendors and wedding day participants!
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