The Wedding Costs Breakdown for the Average Wedding Budget

One of the first steps in wedding budget planning is determining your wedding costs breakdown.

Use the average budget breakdown below as a template to estimate how much money you will spend on goods and services. Making a budget is not the most fun wedding planning activity, but it's certainly the most important. 50% of engaged couples start planning their wedding without a budget. This is a huge misstep. Weddings are expensive, even the cost of a simple ceremony with a few close friends and family can spiral out of control if you’re not on top of it. The average bride and groom underestimate wedding costs by 15%. Some couples are even further off-target and end up putting the overage on credit cards.

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Here’s a breakdown of the average wedding budget in the U.S. by percentages:

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Many couples spend as much as 70% of their budget on the reception, so be warned, 50% may be a low estimate. Adjust the wedding costs breakdown to suit your needs.

Maybe you won’t need transportation, or flower centerpieces, but you will be paying for the rehearsal dinner, hotel rooms for out of town guests, hosting a welcome BBQ before the wedding, as well as a post-wedding brunch. Add those line items to your budget.

Drill down for more detailed info on wedding goods and services:

Go to the wedding section of Once you have a good idea of the average wedding cost breakdown is and cost estimates for the goods and services you think you'll need, you're ready to create a working wedding budget.

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