The Wedding Printables
& Invitations Quick Guide

Your wedding printables consist of much more than wedding invitations. Don’t let the other printed wedding goods be an afterthought.

Here’s a list of wedding related printed paper items you can order from a vendor or Do It Yourself:

  • Wedding save the date cards
  • Wedding announcements - see Wedding announcement wording samples and etiquette
  • Wedding invitations - see Wedding Invitation Ideasand Wedding Invitation Etiquette
  • Reception cards -- If your wedding reception is at a different location than the ceremony, this wedding printable is necessary, include a separate card with your invitation with the reception location on it. The wording will be something like, “reception immediately following the ceremony” with the location after.
  • Reply, RSVP cards -- Another wedding printables necessity, a formal reply card is still the way to go. Not everybody has a computer. If you are looking to save some money, you can request the RSVP via phone or e-mail, which will save on the cost of the reply card and postage. This works best for more casual invitations to smaller weddings.
  • Registry cards -- A wedding gift registry card simply informs your guests where you have registered for wedding gifts. If you print registry cards, do not send them with your invitation. Wedding etiquette has relaxed over the years, but this is one rule that is not meant to be broken.Registry cards can go in your shower invitations and you can give them to your family and key attendants in case someone asks them. You can also give them out yourself if anyone asks you where you are registered.Another etiquette note: “cash gifts” or “no gifts” should never appear on anything -- not your invitation, your web site, your registry cards, etc. No exceptions! It’s an etiquette thing.If you prefer donations to charities, you can print the URL on the registry card.The best way to let people know where you are registered is to have the information on your wedding website and then give people your web site address.
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  • Thank you cards -- Order or purchase a few thank you cards as soon as you put up a website and send out “save the date” cards.Some people will send you gifts early, and etiquette requires you to send thank you cards as soon as the gift arrives.When you order your invitations, you can order matching thank you cards for the remainder of the gifts you will receive.Keep track of each gift as it comes in and write a personal thank you. Be sure to mention the specific gift and how you will use it.
  • Bridesmaid luncheon invitations
  • Wedding programs -- In general, a wedding program identifies the wedding party and anyone doing readings, as well as the order of the ceremony and the words to any hymns that are included in the ceremony.Even if you’ve gone to a printer for your invitations, wedding programs are a great DIY project. Just try to keep the paper color, font color, and font style similar to your invitation for cohesiveness.Printed wedding programs are a nice touch (and keepsake), but are not a necessary wedding printable. If you are worried about your budget, you can skip this step altogether.
  • Wedding readings -- Each person doing a reading at your ceremony will probably have the text of the reading with them in some form. Do yourself a favor and print out a copy of the readings and have them at the church, just in case.
  • Driving directions -- Several guests will forget to bring the directions printed out from your wedding website so be sure to print up the directions from the ceremony to the reception to have on hand at the ceremony.Warning: If you rely on websites for driving directions to give to your guests, you must drive the route first following the directions, or send someone out to do it. Online driving directions are not always clear or accurate.
  • Activities guide -- If you have out of town guests, you’ll want to provide them with a personalized guide to what to see and do while they’re in town, as well as a schedule of wedding related events (like a welcome cocktail party or BBQ), the rehearsal dinner (out of town guests should be invited to the dinner), the “day after” breakfast or brunch, and any other outings or events you may have planned.
  • Menu cards -- If you’re having a more formal wedding, you may wish to place printed dinner menus at each place setting. This is not necessary, but it’s a nice touch and can become a part of the overall design and decoration for the tables.
  • Table numbers, escort cards and name cards -- Table numbers and escort cards or name cards are necessary for sit down dinners.
Wedding invitation, reception card and other wedding printables

For buffets, you can reduce your printing costs considerably – you will only need a “reserved” table sign for family tables and the bridal party’s table. Escort cards are put out on a table at cocktail hour location (outside the reception area) in alphabetical order. On the card will be the guests names and table numbers. For more formal events, name cards are placed at each place setting on the tables. The name cards and escort cards also indicate to the staff the guests’ food choice, often with a symbol or color. Keep in mind the design of the table numbers, escort and name cards. They should reflect the formality of the event and overall theme.

  • Cards for wedding favors -- You can easily DIY cards or tags for your wedding favors. Some people like to print notes of thanks or quotes on the favor tags, while others keep it simple with a one letter monogram.
  • Matchboxes, coasters, napkins
  • Rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Rehearsal dinner menu cards

No, you don’t need all of the above! Some brides just order invitations and thank you cards and DIY the rest of their wedding printables or do the rest online with evites (or facebook). It’s up to you.


  • Keep your wedding invitations and printables cohesive by choosing the same color paper (if possible) and keeping the background, font style, color, and design elements (like monograms or bird silhouettes) the same.
  • Don’t stress out if you can’t find the exact same color paper for your DIY wedding programs as your printer provided for your wedding invitations. Just go with the closest you can find, no one will be holding all your wedding printables up and comparing the details.
  • Traditionally, the more formal the wedding, the more wedding printables you will need.
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