Wedding Reception Table
Decoration Ideas

If you're planning your wedding decorations right now, you need wedding reception table decoration ideas as these decorations will consume the majority of your decor budget.

Use the checklist below to draw up your reception table decor plan. Each of the different tables should stay within the theme and color scheme of your wedding with similar accessories to each other. However, the final layout should make each table look unique. Good lighting should be at the heart of your wedding reception decoration plan. The best layout and decorations will lose their effectiveness if they are not well lit. Some tables at your wedding, such as the cake table and buffet table, need to be highlighted more than others.

Guest Table Decoration

Try simple wedding reception table decoration ideas like a simple floral centerpiece, a colored table and candles

When planning your guest table decorations, it's often best to choose a neutral color for the tablecloth and bring additional wedding colors in with sheer overlays, colored table runners, or in the centerpieces. Your centerpiece choices will depend on your budget, theme, color scheme and preferences. A few wedding reception table decoration ideas for centerpieces: use garden statuary and urns, a simple flower arrangement or a bowl of floating candles and flowers on a mirror. The reception centerpiece does not need to be large to have visual impact. Often all that is needed to ground a simple centerpiece and make it seem more substantial is to use a colored cloth napkin, a table runner, a tray, or a mirror below the centerpiece. Surround your centerpieces with votive candles to make them seem even larger. If good lighting is not available for the tables, use submersible tea lights at the bottom of a water centerpiece, or make small lamps out of dollar store wine glasses, battery operated tea lights and simple lamp shades.

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Head Table Decoration

Today, the head table is likely to be the same as the guest tables. Differentiate this table by adding height and scale to your centerpiece. If you are using flower arrangements on each guest table, the head table will have a larger and more dramatic arrangement. If you come from a tradition where the wedding party sits at a long table facing the wedding guests, a larger low centerpiece will be placed at the front of the table between the bride and groom, and smaller centerpieces and candles to the front down either side of the table.

Try simple wedding reception table decoration ideas for the buffet like tiered serving trays

Buffet Tables Decoration

When it comes to brainstorming wedding reception table decoration ideas, the buffet table is often the most neglected. The trick to getting the right buffet table decorations is to think in terms of height and color. Work with your wedding caterer and venue to make sure the buffet will not be a row of flat tables with white tablecloths as they will need to plan how to build different heights on the table. The buffet is a good place to use tablecloths in richer colors than on your guest tables and to bring in taller arrangements and decorative objects. Make sure the wedding reception buffet is well lit. People taste with their eyes, a beautifully decorated and well lit buffet can make even the simplest foods seem more grand.

Cake Table Decoration

The most important wedding reception table decoration ideas are lighting and raising the cake

Your wedding cake will be one of the highlights at your reception. While the cake should present the ultimate focus for the table, simple wedding reception table decoration ideas include a contrasting tablecloth underneath the cake and the use of your bridesmaids’ bouquets spread around the base. You can also use rose petals as table decoration. The most important tips: the cake should always be elevated on a tall cake pedestal or on blocks covered by tablecloths and lit from both sides or from the front.

Guest Book Table Decoration

The last main table that you need to come up with wedding reception table decoration ideas is the guest book table. First, make sure that the tablecloth matches the others in the reception space and keep the decorations similar, or at least within your wedding color scheme, to the main reception decor. Displaying photographs of you and your fiance from childhood through the engagement is a good way to personalize the guest book table decor. You can also keep it simple with a small flower arrangement or rose petals. If the guest book is on a tall pedestal where there is no room for decorations, make sure to position the pedestal near the entrance to the reception space under a light so guests entering the venue will see the book.

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